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I'd like to take a moment and say a few words about Shannon.
Shannon was an extremely accurate on point reader. She is unreal at picking up details without any information given. From visions of a house i own, to the clothes the person I was calling about wears. She is the real deal without any doubt.
My prediction and timeline are not exactly clear as of yet due to the other person being in a transitional phase of life right now however, she did give me confirmation of certain things that will take place.
I would highly recommend anyone who wants to speak to a "true" psychic contact Shannon!

-Ronni from New Jersey

I have suffered from hemi-facial spasms since 1998. These spasms caused my eye to twitch and my left side of my face to smile on its own, at will.

I had a mini reading with Shannon Leischner on the Be The Light Network on Blog Talk Radio. She immediately ‘diagnosed’ a previous stroke and the cause for the Spasms.

The next week I contacted Shannon for a reading and started to see myself healed. On the day of the healing I was full of joy because I knew that Shannon had the gift of healing me. She started her process and brought my father, a neurosurgeon by profession, and channeled his messages to me.

Honestly I do not how she healed my face but I believe that she is so well connected that all the healing seemed so simple. She later gave me instructions of how to breathe if I felt a minor spasm.
I am indebted to Shannon and all the benevolent spirits who assisted her on that day. May God bless her with much Peace & Joy.  
-Peter from Miami, FL   

I attended a group spiritual reading by Shannon Leischner on Friday, April 5, 2013. From seeing shows on the subject on television I knew a little of what to expect but was still surprised and thoroughly amazed. I saw physical signs of the presence of spirits and was impressed that Shannon made sure audience members were comfortable with revealing the spirits that wanted to come through before inviting them to.do so. When Shannon asked who I would like to hear from, I said my brother, who passed in 1970. Instead, my father came through and told me some things about him during his earlier lifetime that I never knew, which explained his personality that I experienced. It totally changed my perception of him and made me more forgiving of him. So, I didn't get to communicate with the person I wanted(my dad said my brother was off doing other things), but it was apparently the one that I needed and I'm grateful for that. It was a very positive experience for me and I intend to have Shannon do a personal reading for me in the near future.
-Judy, Carson, CA 

"you hold beautiful and pure energy --you knowing
source within you --wonderful how you share and express with others... Thank you!!"
-David, Canada

"It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday at the Spirit Social event. Thank you for giving me such wonderful information. It was so perfect for me, I needed and was looking for just that information for months. Last night, you were the messenger from God to show me that all my prayers are heard and God and the Universe are working on them. :) Once again, thank you are very gifted. :)
-Kristine, CA

"Shannon has an impressive intuitive ability to get to the heart of any matter. Her skilled empathic compassion along with her loving heart makes her an amazing asset to any event. Shannon will take the time to assure that you are in complete understanding of the message she has to give. Nothing is too big or too small for Shannon to deal with. Opening your heart to the truth is her greatest gift. Rock ON Shannon."
-Kelly, CA

"Thank you for your light and guidance (and your time that you give so generously). I am forever grateful that our paths crossed..and I am forever changed. I am truly blessed."
-Stacey, CA

"You are a powerful medium going around the room and talking with everyone's loved ones! Wow that was fantastic. It is so rare to find the real deal and you gave so generously to everyone, what a treat, thank you so much."
-Gail, CA

"Thank you for the reading last night. You have definitely helped give me somethings to think about. I am really hindering on the fear and letting go. I think I know exactly what you were talking about. And I loved how you sense my pain when asked if she and I were together."
-Andy, CA

"...My daughter was so thrilled about what you told her about her career with animals etc., it was so good for her self esteem! She really needed that. She came away so confidant I have never seen her like that! Thank You!”
- Colleen, CA

“Yes, I guess I am excited, relieved and appreciative! It is so nice to finally meet the real deal and have a reading. It will be nice sending people your way, especially since you helped me so much! Thank you so much for everything! The reading really changed my thinking and that is a really good thing!”
- Riley, CA

"Wow what a gift you have!!”
-Sharon, AZ

“Meeting you was definitely a blessing. Thank you again for shedding light into my visions. Now that things are clear to me, I am ready to begin my journey.”
-Jessica, CA

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“It was worth every penny..." 
-David, CA
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