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​"Thank you for the amazing healing experience, It was a true blessing! I fell better than I can understand or explain."
~Rachel, California

"I have chronic pain and numbness in my feet.Since I have listened to the CD, I have no more pain or numbness, WOW!"
~Sharon, California

"While Listening to the CD I had an out of body experience. The energy of the CD was so intense! It is nice to have an uplifting song while being healed."
-Barbara.New York
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Theta Healing

Freedom from Trauma, 
Regain your happiness and passion in life CD


TRACK #1 Releasing Trauma, Anger, and Negative Emotions 
(Song "Alien" by James ImelodicAngel)

Clearing the Negative Emotions and Replacing them with Light
Moving the Trauma and the memories attached to the person or event to  
         the non-emotional side of the brain (conducted 3 times in healing session  
         for completion)  
        *Please note this does not remove the connection or the love you have for  
         the person or event, it simply puts it into a different perspective so that the  
         memories are no longer an emotional trigger.  
Replacing the negative memories with love and light

TRACK #2 Reparation and Alignment of the Mind, Body, Soul 
(Song "The Piper" by James iMelodicAngel)

Bringing in Your Soul Fragments 
Reparation of the Fragmented Soul
Alignment of the Mind, Body, and Soul to create harmony on your path. 

TRACK #3 Cleaning, Clearing and Alignment of the Chakras
 (Song "E=Electric" by James iMelodicAngel)

* Bringing in Light, Love and Abundance Into All Area of Your Life
Cleaning, Clearing and Alignment of Chakras
Bringing in Light, Love and Abundance into All Areas of Your Life
      *Career, Relationships, Money, Family, and Health
Replenishing Every Cell of Your Body with Immense Love and Light

​A traditional meditation track including a progression of all of the Solfeggio tones. Powerfully lighting up and activating each and every one of your chakras. 

​CD Produced by  James ImelodicAngel and Shannon Leischner
© 2015 Shannon Leischner and James ImelodicAngel
Reproduction or redistribution of this CD or any aspect of the CD is strictly prohibited. 

Every Song is Tuned to 528 Hz

What is 528Hz?

The frequency 528 hertz (hz) is a miraculous, ancient healing tone that creates harmony within the heart, body, mind and soul. 528 nanometers (nm) of sunlight radiates the color greenish-yellow in the color spectrum, which is also the color of chlorophyll in nature that is present in the pigment of plants. The union of Sunlight, Color and Water can be observed in natures’ rainbows (SUNLIGHT passing through WATER). Ironically, the heart of the rainbow is greenish-yellow, which is also the color metaphysically associated with our heart chakra. Furthermore, it has been shown in studies done by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water" that on a molecular level, water crystals are miraculously affected by both SOUND (Hz) and even THOUGHT (energy). Knowing that our bodies are comprised of 75% water, the effects of listening to the frequencies is REMARKABLE. 
All traditionally tuned music subscribes to the standard A=440hz tuning. Nefariously, this tuning will not result in the note C5 resonating to 528 Hz. To amend this issue, specific pitch augmentations are made within “iMelodicAngel Music” to tune up the songs so that the music resonates perfectly to 528 Hz. The benefits and hydro-sonic healing capabilities of properly tuned 528 Hz music is significant because 528 hz/nm resonates at the heart of the collective consciousness of universal energy ever present within our own DNA, emotions, hearts and ears. By listening to and vibrating with iMelodicAngel’s upbeat, soothing, original, electronic, heart healing 528hz music, you are experiencing true music therapy!

Solfeggio Tones

174 Hz – Intent: Physical Pain Reduction, Security and Safety

285 Hz – Intent: Repair Damaged Organs

UT - 396 Hz – Intent: Liberating Guilt & Fear

RE – 417 Hz -- Intent: Undoing Situations & Facilitating Change

MI – 528 Hz – Intent: Transformation and Miracles (DNA repair)

FA – 639 Hz – Intent: Re-Connecting and Balancing Relationships

SOL – 741 Hz – Intent: Solving Problems via Expression,  
                         Solutions, Detoxification

LA – 852 Hz – Intent: Awakening Intuition, 
                       Returning to Spiritual Order 

SI – 963 Hz – Intent: Reconnection to Creative Source.



Track 2: Awaken Contact With 
Your Star Family

Track 3: Activate and Strengthen Telepathy and the Ability To Remember Contact

Track 4: Initiate Protection and 
Remove Residual Energy