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Shannon Leischner
"You are a powerful medium going around the room and talking with everyone's loved ones! Wow that was fantastic. It is so rare to find the real deal, thank you so much."
-Gail Thackray, CA
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 JANUARY11, 2015 
2015 is an "8" year. The number 8 signifies abundance. This means that this year provides the energy we need to create and manifest abundance in our lives. To take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity, I would like help you create your deepest desires this year. On January 11, 2015 I am offering a NEW YEAR MANIFESTING COURSE. The date 1/11/2015 has a powerful significance as well. The number 11 is a power manifesting number and coupled with the 8 number offering the energy of abundance, this date is the optimal opportunity to create very powerful manifestations. I look forward to creating with you on Sunday 1/11/2015. 
COST: $50 discounted for the normal rate

Manifest Your Most Compatible Soul Mate!
Are you with your most compatible soulmate? Would you like to be? Shift limiting beliefs keeping your soul mate away….and see first hand how powerful ThetaHealing is and how you can incorporate it into your life to manifest the 
soul mate of your dreams.
  In this seminar, You will learn
-How to find that special person that 
you have been waiting for!
-How to find and recognize your most compatible soul mate, and how to value yourself so that others value you.
-Distinguish the differences between soul mates, twin flames, and spiritual soul families.
-Find out that you have more than one soul mate and how to draw that special person that is for your highest and best to you.
-Learn about the influences, both internal and external that may be blocking you from that special person, and what a soul mate is and isn’t.:
-•How past relationships affect you today
  • A deeper understanding of love
  • What a soul mate is
  • How your words can block you
-How to deepen and renew your relationship, communication, and intimacy with your soulmate if you already have them in your life.
-Work on clearing the limiting beliefs that keep you from finding your soulmate and receive many downloads on attracting your soulmate.  
-Discover the art of eliminating complaining
-Discover the art of getting what you want instead of what you don’t want.
-how to bring and magnetize to you your most compatible romantic Soul Mate.
-How to keep your relationship alive and all the love between you both alive and forever regenerating.
-Identify what is holding you back and blocking you from being with your most compatible
 romantic Soul Mate.
-Reveal that part of you, that you may have hidden even from yourself.
Success rate in this class is over 95%
COST: $65

  MARCH 1, 2015

Theta healing works in such a way as to alter your conscious reactions by reprogramming your subconscious to manifest a new positive reality. This class offers an introduction into the amazing world of Theta Healing. 
You will learn:
-Alter your thoughts
-Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul
-make positive changes in your life
-interact with those who have passed
And much more
COST: $100 (which is applied to the cost of the certification class if you chose to certify)

In this course, you learn the basic techniques of Theta Healing. You gain insight into the science behind the technique and learn the fundamental principles of Theta Healing. You learn how to identify and release limiting and disempowering beliefs from the subconscious mind and replace them with empowering ones for yourselves and others. 

**The course is 75% hands on, so you leave knowing how to use the ThetaHealing technique for yourself and others immediately.**

In addition to your course notes, you receive a copy of Vianna Stibal's book "Theta Healing".  

Upon completion, YOU ARE CERTIFIED to practice as a Theta Healing Practitioner.

Course Curriculum
Theta Healing Basic (DNA2) course you will learn:
The Theta Healing Story
The 4 different levels of beliefs
The 5 brainwaves  
How to use the Theta brainwave to tap into Infinite Source and
remove limiting beliefs instantly and easily
instantly teach yourself new feelings so you can experience new things in your life
co-create and manifest what you want in your life
How to look inside the human body
How to identify the different intuitive energies used for healing
How to activate your Youth and Vitality chromosomes and your 12-strands of DNA
COST: $450 ($50 Deposit)
Private Certification Courses Available 

*Classes are held monthly email for more info.
Shannon Leischner
Manifesting Abundance JANUARY 11, 2015 11-3

Attracting Your Soul Mate
February 15, 2015 11-4pm Carson

Introduction to Theta Healing
February 20-22 Portland, OR

Intro to Theta Healing
March 1, 2015 11-4pm Carson

Theta Healing Certification
March 27-29 2015 Carson


Get you friends together in the comfort of your own home and I will come and spend three hours with you and your guests. I will provide information and readings on any topics you like. Some of the topics include:

 Psychic Group Readings
(chat with loved ones who have crossed over) 
Angel Communication
Past Life Readings
 Theta Healing 
Energy Readings 
Chakra Balancing
Paranormal Investigation 
Sprit Communication Using Pendulums
and much more 

PRICE PER PERSON: $65 each  The host of the party is FREE

Payment= Release of ALL Liability